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First things first. Tupac is one of the greatest rap artists to ever pick up a microphone. Polarising and controversial all-in-one, Mr. Shakur was one of the most transcendent stars hip-hop and, more broadly speaking, music in general. With natural charisma, an infectious personality and unrivalled energy -Makaveli had it all. Eric Williams, of Blackstreet, makes a rare appearance away from his bandmates to deliver the hook for this R U Still Down? (Remember Me) track and perfectly compliments Shakur’s storytelling throughout this masterpiece. The saying ‘love is blind’ resonates for the entirety of this song and is a perfect example of how the power and strength of love can lead the way a persons life plays out. Ever the social commentator, Pac takes us on a journey of the consequences of such love by telling us an all too familiar love-story about falling in love with someone that you never intend on and the subsequent events that can take place as a result – like breaking up, unplanned pregnancies, abusive relations etc etc.

This has always been my favourite ever Tupac song, as it demonstrates exactly why he was, and is, held in such high standing by critics and his contemporaries alike. A truly one-in-a-lifetime star, yet to be replicated, akin to none and never to be forgotten. A blend of hip-hop, G-funk and RnB with a dash of one of Pac’s almost anecdotal monologues, watch the equally impressive video for Do For Love below:

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