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There was no space for vegans in hip-hop this year. 2018 brought us some of the most open feuds we’ve seen for years. Hella Angus Ting! With old friends in the cut, the boys sink their teeth into the beef. Key topics covered:

  • Why do we believe that rap beefs/battles have become so popular in the last year? – Or have they just become “more public”
  • Should social media have a role to play in a rap beef ? Or is it all about the bars ?
  • Are some beefs just trolls or cries for media attention?
  • Can beefs be resolved? Does it take an older head to do so Jay-Z (Meek/Drake)/ Jay Prince
  • Tory Lanez vs Joyner Lucas
  • Kanye vs Drake
  • Pusha T vs Drake
  • Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B
  • Eminem vs MGK
  • Giggs vs Krept & Konan

Ft. Paupers Pavillion & Tim Not Nice

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