In Home, Throwback Thursday

From way back when man was in his pyjamas watching cartoons with corn flakes, the GOAT himself – Biggie Smalls, to defer any confusion – was making some of the best music that I’ve ever retrospectively listened to. Fucking You Tonight is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lyrical capabilities and imagination capturing storytelling of Mr. Christopher Wallace. Anytime I listen to Biggie, I can’t help but imagine what he would have been able to accomplish had his young life not been cut tragically short. He had everything, an overwhelming presence, a unique tone, attention grabbing lyrics, an all-star supporting cast of collaborators and an unbelievably eclectic range of songs already under his belt – from Who Shot Ya to Everyday Struggle to One More Chance. That being said, I was always taught to be grateful for what we have and with the only Wallace we acknowledge comes a plethora of hip-hop educational tools and lessons that will last the test of time, let alone inspire today’s artist to follow in his big footsteps. 20 years on and this song is just as jiggy as it was back when it was released. Hiring the help of some Ol’ Kelly (PND voice), the pair divulge in a classic RnB infused Hip-Hop 90’s cut that is as descriptive as the title suggest. Kelly was at the peak of his powers when this song was released and soulfully delivers the hook to this (almost) forgotten gem, reminding us of just how talented the Chicago crooner was and is. Biggies lyrical ability to paint a picture is, to me anyway, almost unrivalled and a kin to none when it comes to his presence on a track. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the proclaimed King of New York, fat and ugly as ever, never had a problem scooping up some of the finest women in the game at the time and this track is just one example of the GOAT at his versatile best. Check out this panty-dropping throwback below:


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