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Can you separate the art from the artist? (Part 2)
On this episode LAFV’s extended family Jordss & Lauren 4rch join the gang to revisit last week’s topic of separating the art from the artist and whether cancel culture is progressive.

(12:40) & (17:28) – Jordds offers a perspective on the dilemmas facing DJs in this era of cancel culture
(14:44) – Can we cancel artists that we have an emotional connection to?
(19:28) – Allegations vs Charges: innocent until proven guilty?
(22:25) – R. Kelly update and the role of mental health in cancel culture
(27:45) – The role of gender in cancel culture (Azelia Banks, Mya Jama, Ariana Grande and Sabrina Claudio
(35:35) – What warrants cancellation?
(40:08) – Should the industry / justice system censor artists?
(52:28) – Lauren & Jordds Projects for 2019

ft. @all-chest-no-legs @s_dot_c @lauren4rch

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