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File next to: Bryson Tiller and The Weeknd (early)

Best work so far: 2AM, Before I Die

Che Ecru is a self-made artist, writer and producer making music in a pocket that has alluded the mainstream thus far. No one is making music as unique and throwback as Che right now which is a big compliment to the Boston based crooner. There is a future bounce and energy to the tracks which is unique for the late night drive based soundtracks he has produced so far namely ‘2am’ and ‘You’.

The 19-year old singer, whose vocal cadence is akin to The Weeknd is truly a homegrown artist. He creates all of his music himself, in his bedroom “alone, and in the dark” (his words)– and by all, I literally mean all: he sings, he writes, he plays guitar, he produces, he mixes, he masters.

We’ll keep adding to our ‘Best of CHE’ playlist on Soundcloud while we wait for his follow up to ‘buries’ which we believe will be called Rejection.

We’ll keep adding to our ‘Best of CHE’ playlist below as we expect more heat in the future from

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