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The 6 God is relentless in his attack on mogul’dom by deciding to open a store in his second home, London. Much in line with the features on his More Life, his UK, and more specifically London, infatuation continues.

The store, due to be opening in the heart of Soho’s Berwick Street, will be another addition to the stores he already owns in Toronto, LA and New York. It’s now clear that Drake is ready to bring his premium brand of clothing to the London streets playing his music religiously. Bringing his own clothing brand to a city synonymous with fashion and style, this is nothing less than a stroke of genius for Drizzy. More on from this, it’s becoming ever evident that Drake’s strategical playing of the game is at an all time high.

Was the inclusion of UK artists on More Life just to put these artists on the map, or is it possible that he used them to stay even more relevant in the UK just in time for the opening of one of his growing streams of revenue, to the OVO Machine, an October’s Very Own London store.

It’s quite possible that it’s a mixture of both, and I genuinely to believe that to be the case. What we do know, for sure, is that the OVO and Drake trains are continuing to assert themselves as the most relevant forces in not only Hip Hop, but Pop spheres.

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