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On this episode of our 2018 year end series ‘Merry Dripmas’ we are joined by a very special guest Nicola Davies from Mixcloud fame, we discuss:

  • Why is so much music being released at one time?
  • Must you drop or die?
  • Do albums matter any more? 
  • The importance of the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
  • Has streaming killed the traditional album? State of music industry revisited…
  • What role does Soundcloud, Mixcloud and streaming more generally have to play in future of releases?
  • Was Drake’s ‘More Life’ the catalyst for this shift?
  • Does an artist need to be prolific to be successful? (e.g. DMX in 1998)
  • Broaden the scope away from just hip hop

Also available on iTunes at LAFV Talks

Feat. @s_dot_c , @AllChestNoLegs, @BigDaddyTones and special guest Nicola Davies from Mixcloud

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