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On this episode of LAFV talks the gang review J Cole’s 5th album, KOD.

J Cole is one of the most enigmatic rappers of his generation, his fifth studio album, ‘KOD’, goes a long to confirm this view. Feature-less throughout (ratings to those who have managed to figure out the kiLL edward double entendre) and with most production handled in house, Cole constantly takes swipes at contemporary flows, artists and trends. On our latest podcast episode, we’ve chopped up our views on the impact of the album and the video for ‘Kevin’s Heart’.

We also discuss the relevance of numbers in music (Album & single sales, RIAA certifications and tour income).

Also available on iTunes at LAFV Talks

Feat. @s_dot_c , Tim Not Nice, @AllChestNoLegs, @BigDaddyTones

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