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“People are catching on… there’s a revolution happening” – (Skepta, 2016, The Guardian).

At Question Grime’, we’ll be discussing the second coming of grime and this apparent ‘revolution’, as we tackled a question on the mind of many purists, “IS GRIME DEAD?”

Joined by an exciting panel including:

Flirta D: Grime heavy hitter and producer who was key to Grime’s ‘Wave #1’ explosion, whose recent releases include ‘Gash Machine’ and the upcoming ‘Warpspeed 2’ expected 14 Feb 18.

Mykaell Riley: Reggae Musician, University Lecturer and UK Black Culture Commentator. Also a key contributor to Ticketmaster’s ‘State of Play: Grime Report’ (2017).

Ian McQuaid: Freelance Journalist and DJ writing regularly for The Guardian, DJ Magazine and on everything from Grime music to Global subcultures.

Dr Adam Elliot Cooper : One of the creators of Grime 4 Corbyn and prominent Sociologist.

Hosted by excellent Henrie Kwushue

Video highlights below and be sure to check out the pod on soundcloud ‘Question Grime

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