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Best work so far: Holdin’ Me Down and Beautiful Demo

Marco McKinnis is certainly one to watch. With a SoundCloud page already home to a collection of slow-moving, lo-fi R&B demos we have been treated to a small preview of his continually enhancing promise. Production on these demos is a real highlight, showcasing his talent for beat selection have worked with producers like whoarei, DJDS and most recently Medasin on new release ‘How I Feel’. Marco is still young, but in its infancy his sound embodies a traditional R&B sound, presenting a throwback to Slim from 112 whilst maintaining a contemporary edge that has us ready for more music

There is something sincere and vulnerable about Marco that makes his sound so unique. The messages under some of his soundcloud demos are personal and insightful providing the listener with a real connection to the artist —if you are looking for slow jams, look no further.


Article by Abraham

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