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Real gs and choong cyattie,

After our last shoobs at Tipsy, we are back at a bigger venue and more choons for ya head top.

We’ll be paying homage and pouring out some liquor with a crispy LAFV formula 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Dead ⚰️🌷 Great artists who have passed away- 2pac, Lisa Left Eye, MJ, Whitney Houston

Extinct☠️ no longer in existence: Dem groups who ain’t returning for a comeback tour – B2k, Destiny’s Child, SWV, Mis-Teeq

Assassinated ⚔️ by competition: Entered a rap beef an inadvertently finished their own careers Fat Joe, Ja Rule, Azealia Banks

Disappeared🔮 They came with bangers and now we can’t find em – Amerie, Tweet, T-Pain and Ashanti

We’re not confining the sound to originals so there’ll plenty of covers and remixes as we pour out some liquor in celebration.

Heaven on Earth Massage Parlour xx

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