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I recently downloaded all of my most played tracks, from 2011 onward, onto my iPhone and have been blessed with one or two songs that can only be categorised as forgotten gems. ‘Better Off’ by, LA-based Danish duo, Quadron falls perfectly into that category. Coco. O, Quadron’s vocalist, first popped up on my radar with her work with Tyler, the Creator on WOLF and much like Treehome 95, she elegantly paints a vivid picture with her lyricism and the goosebump inducing tone of her voice. This, accompanied with her wondrous melodies and Robin Hannibal’s production efforts, point to the fact that ‘Better Off’ could stand as a Quadron solo track, without Kung-Fu Kenny providing one of his trademark guest verses. That being said, there is always a place for a Kendrick Lamar verse on any track and his contribution only adds to the tracks engaging and warm feel – quite ironic, considering the connotation typically associated with a getting over someone.

Why these talented artists haven’t linked up since is something that bemuses me greatly, nonetheless, please do enjoy their 2013 offering below:

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