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File next to: Spooky Black (Corbin), The Weeknd – The Trilogy and H.E.R

Best work so far: Too Much and Sirens

Sonder is a group formed up of Dpat, Atu, and R&B singer Brent Faiyaz. The trio released three singles on Soundcloud in swift succession, racking up over a million plays seemingly overnight. The trio’s take on R&B reflected a future R&B genre that makes use of downtempo electronica, layered vocal harmonies, and mesmerizingly somber piano sections and guitar expression. Their three sultry and alluring singles were met with immediate praise, from critics and fans alike, who were left clamoring for more. Following the buzz of these three singles, Sonder gave exactly what fans had been asking for-a collection of R&B laced tracks on their debut EP, Into.

Article by Abraham

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