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LAFV favourite Syd the Kid is back with some more quality music for 2017 with her latest offering Always Never Home. At first glance on Apple Music the project appears to just be a single sharing the name of the title of the aforementioned but it’s actually a 3-piece special of individually solid and collectively cohesive tracks which would lead one to assume this is intended to be consumed as a whole instead of a sum of it’s parts. However, we’re gunna break it down, piece by piece and decipher what’s on the mind of The Internet singer.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Moving Mountains:

The first is titled Moving Mountains and is an incredible way to open up with mini-project. Tales of a selfless relationship where one feels like they are putting an in-proportionate amount of time, effort and money into a relationship that isn’t reciprocated.

Is it me or is it you? Tell me what I gotta do. Out here moving mountains for you, working my fingers to the bone. And what I got to show for it?

As is the theme of much of Syd’s music, it’s a thought provoking and emotions drawing track that encourages one to reminisce on times where you may have been either one of the two people involved in that type of relationship – where you in the right or in the wrong? Where you selfless or selfish?

One of my favourite songs on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s PND3 is Problems and Selfless and this song is Syd’s equivalent to this. In my experience there is nothing anyone, in this life and probably any life that follows, despises more than being taken for granted and feeling isolated in a relationship and the Internet songstress perfectly explores the emotions involved in such a scenario.

Used to take you on the road with me…sea shell, seashore with me, don’t you know I do it all for you? Catch a case, I’ll take the fall for you. You don’t appreciate a thing babe. Got me out here looking crazy

Humans by their very nature are fickle, selfish and often unappreciative of things being done for them – especially in terms of a romantic relationship – but there are always two sides to every story. Not that I’m hoping for a response from the lover in question a la Eamon and Frankee (F You Right Back), it would be interesting to see Syd’s spin on being the selfish person in the relationship, as I imaging dating a talented musician that’s always on the road can be quite demanding in and of itself.

Rating: 7.5/10

Bad Dreams/No Looking Back:

 If track one is a song for the under-appreciated, then track two is a song for the in denial. Released about a month ago in her Soundcloud page, this is a classic example of a two-part song. And we love a two-part song. Bad Dream starts off sensual, sexual and raw. The beginning of a relationship can often be greeted with such fiery passion as two people explore one another, not only on a sexual level, but on a mental level as well too.

I go as deep as can go, as deep as can go. You let me know that it’s real and you get mad on the phone, I be hating the tone, there’s just a lot going on. I think you know I’m missing you still, but maybe you don’t. Don’t let me get you alone

Bad Dreams discusses this flux of emotions that often has the people involved both arguing unnecessarily but also making up appropriately too [knocking boots and dat]. The beat then switches up and slows down for my personal highlight of the album – No Looking Back. Going back to the theme of being in denial, No Looking Back is a great ode to that topic.

We only kiss when we’re fucking, so we don’t get too attached. Cos if this turns into something, you know there’s no looking back

The opening line to the song and by far the most prevalent line on the whole EP, for me anyway. Many of us have found ourselves in a position of first linking someone and not wanting to appear too attached too soon, so something like kissing outside of the act of sex is a complete no go. Now I’m aware this isn’t always the case, but metaphorically speaking and in principle this is as good a way of putting whatever that part of the relationship is into context. There’s something about vulnerability and acting too keen too quickly that slows down the progression of many relationships and this exactly what Syd is talking about in No Looking Back – it’s only the sudden feeling of acceptance that moves things forward.

You hit me up around 8 or 9. Wanna come over let’s watch a movie? I’m on my way, you tell me to wait, say your place is a mess, doesn’t matter to me

When you can accept someone for who they are, flaws and all, you’re at the point of no return. How much easier would life be if people were able to cut the bullshit and be candid in their feelings toward another individual that they like?

Rating: 9/10

On The Road:

The most up-tempo and head-bounce inducing track on the project, On The Road is Syd reflecting on tour-life and the highs and lows that come with being an internationally recognised star, at the beginning of the track, and then turns into a brilliant back and forth with Syd and herself – with assistance of a slight voice distortion.

We been on the road, like where the fuck is home? Bag full of dirty clothes, little shit that they don’t know

We take many things for granted in life – people, the truth and the very artists that make the music that we listen to on a daily basis. It’s easy to forget that musicians are humans and their sole purpose isn’t to give us what we want, when we want it like Amazon Prime. That being said, Syd delivers everything that you’d want to hear on this EP and in this song. Unlike the other two songs on the EP, Syd signs and raps equally as impressively on this three-minute crescendo and this track is a welcome break from the deeper songs that come before it.

This ain’t new, check the catalogue. I’ve been gifting niggas call me Santa Claus. If you get to tripping, turn the cameras off. I can get you lifted, call me Adderall. I ain’t with the shits but I’m kinda lit, ain’t no telling who I’m riding with. By my lover but I’ll fight a bitch

This verse is and this part of the song is a perfect example of female bravado, self-awareness and assurance. We wrote a piece on the Heirs to Erykah Badu’s Throne about a month ago and this explains exactly why Syd is indeed one of the females up next to bat. She’s now in a position where she knows and appreciates the position that she’s in regardless of the ball-ache and shortcomings of tour life. She knows that when people see her name on a track, they instantly get excited and she’s been featured on so many people’s projects in the last couple of years it’s hard to argue with that notion. Whether it’s Daniel Caesar, Little Simz, Kaytranada or Vic Mensa, Syd has accomplished so much in such a small amount of time that her star is now unquestionable.

Stepping outside of the shadows of OFWGKTA may, at first been a fairly hard decision, but with the level of confidence that she possesses, along with the fine-tuned execution that she consistently demonstrates Syd the Kid continues to stay on the LAFV radar and on heavy rotation.

Rating: 7.5/10

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