In Home, Throwback Thursday

Next month we’re hosting our third party, Pour Out Some Liquor, paying homage to the best artists from time gone past. There is no better way than to start this by remembering one of the most impactful and talented stars of the past 25 years – Aaliyah.

There are many many Aaliyah tunes that we could throwback, but one that I hold dearest is ‘4 Page Letter’ from the timeless One In A Million. Sampled by and further immortalised by songs like Kendrick Lamar on Blow My High, this is Aaliyah at her most open and vulnerable – which is probably why Kung Fu Kenny and, less notably, Drake saw fit to take inspiration from it.

Although her life was cut tragically short, her music still lives on through some of our favourite artists and most importantly through the original material that she blessed us with before she departed from this world. Never to be forgotten, duplicated or plagiarised – the immortal Aaliyah:



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