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A look at our top 5 songs of the past week + a couple extras, for your head top. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Chronixx – Likes

I can’t actually take too much credit for this song being on this list, as someone put me onto it (was quite late to the party). Nonetheless, Chronixx has to be one of my favourite reggae artists and one of the genre’s most consistent and prolific artists, period – if you haven’t seen his #SixtyMinutesLive with Mista Jam and Friends then you need to plug that now!! now!! now!!! Likes fuses traditional dancehall production with the silky flow of Chronixx perfectly. The end result; a song that’ll have you daggering pon de dancefloor seen?


Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt. 4

Haters will tell you this was planned….and they’d be right. With More Life not even a week old, K. Dot delivered a scathing onslaught of bars, subliminals and ad-libs, to put the world on notice that he still exists – Taylor Swift features aside. With he said, she said (in regards who said bars are aimed at) still rife, I’m much prefer to take a backseat and take this song for what it is, first and foremost..a welcome addition to an already great trilogy of songs (pree ‘The Heart Pt. 1 – 3′ here). The self proclaimed best rapper alive (hard to disagree given the evidence) comes through with another classic song for he ever-expansive collection and even hint a potential 4th album, to be released on 7th April.


Snoh Aalegra – Time

I first fell in love with Snoh Aalegra when I heard her song ‘Home’ on an episode of Soulection’s radio show, nearly a year ago. I wouldn’t say I’ve been obsessed with her since, but something close to that would be an appropriate description. Drawing comparisons to the late (GREAT) Amy Winehouse, this LA based Swedish sultress is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly crowded soul music soundscape. Time is a beautiful ode to her late father and serves not only as that but, as a great introduction to anyone new to her wave and, as welcome reminder that she’s a cut above the rest of her peers. This song was also sampled by Mr Champagne Papi himeslf, on More Life (Do Not Disturb).


Dkvpz – Bondo do Neo Soul

From the Soulection School of Gs, Dkvpz served up season friendly 4 song EP for the people to shake a tail to, just as the clouds start to clear and the sunshine emerges. The stand out song from their Soulection White Label EP is definitely Bondo do Neo Soul. An eclectic fusion of soul, afro-funk and trap, with the addition of cleverly picked samples – this tracks is a summertime gift, come early. Destined to have your ears attention from the off and you head bumping throughout, Dkvpz are the PLUG!

The Weeknd – King of the Fall

A likkle throwback for you headtop! I recently downloaded my 100 most played songs, for each of the last 4 years, onto my iPhone (thank god for that 128GB memory). My most played song of 2014 was, you guessed it, King of the Fall by The Weeknd. As part of a two-piece combo with ‘Often’, KoF is definitely more of a classic, than a throwaway. Much like it’s predecessor before it, drugs, gyaaaal, money and the ‘come-up’ are the ever present themes in this vintage (old) Weeknd banger – what’s to hate! Everything about this song has me scratching my head as to how my man can go from this, to something like this to ‘Shameless’ in the space of a year. A part of me wants to think the old Weeknd is still living inside of whoever this Starboy character is, but until that guy reappears I’ll just have to keep banging this and the timeless Trilogy instead:

Bonus tings…

Sango – Fav Tempo

Much like Dkvpz, the Lord Sango came through with a Brazilian inspired 16-track EP – De Mim, Pra Você. I first heard Sango back in 2013 and the song was Freakin’ Glow. Years have passed and a leopard never changes his spots. Sampling one of my favourite songs of all time Computer Love by Zapp and Roger on both Freaking Glow and Fav Tempo, Sango experiments with the South American sounds and a classic RnB cut to produce a standout track from his latest offering. H’enjoyyyy oh.


Goldlink – Herside Story

Off of his new album ‘At What Cost’, Goldlink and Hare Squead trade-off for this beautiful love song. HS deliver an melodic and catchy hook and Goldlink approaches the song with the same  flow that we’ve grown accustomed to since his emergence back in 2013.  For me, this is a great break to an energetic album, and provides a different side of Goldlink that we seldom see. For me ‘At What Cost’ is a very hit and miss project, but along side the Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy assisted crew sits this modern day success and love story.


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