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A look at our top 5 songs of the past week + a couple throwback extras, for your head top. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Shay Lia – Blue

Kaytranada collaborator Shay Lia, is already a household name is some parts of the world – namely her native Montreal and wider North America – and returns with this soulful cut, produced by fellow countrymen KayKay and BADBADNOTGOOD, Blue. Having experienced most of her success on Soundcloud, and being the voice behind Kaytranada’s song Leave Me Alonethis song is likely to catch the attention many a man and women in the music biz. Having all-star musician friends is an obvious bonus, but Shay doesn’t feel out of place at all. This just reaffirms that this continuous wave of Canadian music has no plans on slowing down. Of the same school as Snoh Aalegra, Shay Lia is soulful, reflective and considered in her execution. Definitely one to look out for in the future.

2. Allan Kingdom – Lines ft. Ramriddlz

Cool, calm and Cudi(ish). Off of Allan Kingdom’s latest project, of the same name, Lines is a seasonal jam perfect for any early summertime shoobz or BBQ. Sounding more and more like a baby Kid Cudi, the singer/rapper shows his range of capabilities expertly, on this track, and with a feature from the sweeterman himself, this is a song that demands your attention immediately. Not as loud or as in your face as at Look At Me Now by XXXTENTACION, it’s the subtlety of the production and simplicity in it’s lyrics that make this summer jam so palatable. Expect nuff wheel-ups at an LAFV summertime cookout!

3. Kendrick Lamar – Humble

What sort of top 5 would this be, without featuring this K.Dot x Mike WiLL Made-It link up from last week Friday. Much in-line with The Heart Pt. 4, a week prior, HUMBLE came like a thief in the night and was ready to get rinsed upon sunrise. It’s no longer any secret that Kendrick is putting the rap world on notice and, no one person should be feeling him more than Big Sean. Using his adlibs (Hol’ Up, Lil Bitch) for the entire hook, Kendrick isn’t pulling his punches and makes it abundantly clear Sean is his target of choice. Although he pulled a fakey and had us all believing his 4th studio album would be with us on April 7th, both this and The Heart Pt. 4 are enough to keep us ticking over. Not to mention this is as good visual interpretation of a song, that I can remember watching for a long time.


I’ve been waiting for Joey to drop a follow-up to his lauded 2015 studio album debut ‘B4.Da.$$’ for the longest while! Two years on, and it’s clear the he’s both two years older and two years wiser. He’s always been a conscious(type) rapper, and from the title and album artwork of the project alone, the mission statement is clear “F AmeriKKKa, I’ll keep doing me”. Ever since the first time I listened to the Brooklyn native,  I’ve been hooked to everything and anything he releases. With ALL AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ no exception to the rule, Joey remains one of the most woke rappers in the game. Pinching some of his album’s inspiration from TPAB, he tries to tackle the same kind of issues head-on on Y U DON’T LOVE ME (MISS AMERICA). Confronting not only African-American identity, but his own identity, as an African-American living in America, in the middle of as racially a tense time as we’ve seen for years.

5. Njomza – Sad For You

Featuring on one of my favourite Mac Miller songs since the days of Macadellic, ‘Planet God Damn’, Njomza finally has her own LP to critique. Her work with the aforementioned hip-hop star had me scratching my head as to why this clearly talented singer hadn’t been on my radar at all, up until that point. Fast forward to 2017, and Sad For You – a 7 song, mostly pop, album – is here for all of us to plug into. My personal favourite song on the project is, the title song, Sad For You. Very Kehlani-like in terms of cadence, content and tone, this song is a classic case of: we were togethe… but then we grew apart… but then there’s clearly something there… but the time ain’t right. Although the formula may be cliché, the delivery is refreshing and keeps you wanting to listen on to hear the next chapter of her story.

Bonus tings…

Thundercat – Them Changes

An oldie, but a goodie. This song is so good, I have 3 versions of it on my iPhone. I had the pleasure of seeing Thundercat in Bristol, back in March, and it was an overwhelming sonic experience. Someone with so much soul and talent, playing in a small and intimate venue was always bound to be more than noteworthy (and it was). Songs from Drunk trickled through the night and then he dropped Them Changes. An eruption issues, and for good reason. My friend put me onto this song, its been a mainstay in my life ever since. This song is an epilogue to a broken relationship. A walk in the shoes of anyone that has been in a break-up, the song discuss things that we all naturally think about when a good thing comes to an end “where were you when I needed you the most?”. So good that it’s been on two of his official projects, and had hella Bristolian vibes and singing along, Them Changes is Thundercat.

Mount Kimbie – Adriatic

The song may sound relatively familiar because Chance The Rapper sampled it on his 2016 song, Juke Jam. Adriatic is the song that got me hooked onto Mount Kimbie and it still hasn’t gotten old. Almost 7 years old and off their first studio album, Crooks & Lovers, Adriatic serves as the centrepiece to an already impressive first offering from the London based duo. With an American Tour with another LAFV favourite, James Blake, on the horizon here’s to hoping Kimbie or a combination of Kimbie and Blake have something in store for us. If not, I’m happy to keep riding the Adriatic wave.


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