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A look at our top 5 songs of the past week + a couple throwback extras, for your head top. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Kamasi Washington – Truth

Jazz is a genre of music that has lasted the test of time, longer than most popular genres of music. With it’s influence still felt through every and any genre today, it’s no real surprise that artists like Kamasi Washington find themselves in the spotlight – albeit too occasionally. An LA saxophonist by trade and serial collaborator and taste maker by nature. Having contributed to the likes of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. and Thundercat’s The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam, Kamasi has established himself as a modern music mainstay, not only in Jazz, in the wider musical landscape as a whole. Truth is a 14 minute opus that is as compelling as the title suggests. Warm, progressive and inviting, Truth is an ode to the times that we find ourselves in – times of fake news and political hardship. With relentless saxophoning, excellent drumsmanship and harmonious vocals, Truth is a song that demands your full attention throughout.

2. Kendrick Lamar – LUST.

What better way than to celebrate the very song that Kamasi contributed to on Damn, than to include it on this same list, enter ‘LUST.’. Another song thats title sets the scene perfectly, LUST. is a perfect dialogue into the repetitive, sometimes erosive lifestyles, we as humans often find ourselves stuck in. What makes this track so addictive, much like the very feeling of lust, is the expert storytelling, almost psychedelic production throughout, appropriate sample choices and a trademark Kung-Fu Kenny dichotomy. The overall message of the song is that we are all human, and we all have our vices whether that be sex, drugs, gambling or stunting for the ‘gram. The key, though, is to make it count for something. To be honest, I could have picked any of the songs from DAMN. for this list however, LUST. is definitely one of the more quietly potent stories (as told by Kendrick) and is definitely one to listen to for the message and execution of the track alone.

3. Khalid – Let’s Go (Remix) ft. Goldlink

Fresh off the back of his 2017 debut album, American Teen, Khalid enlist the help of hip-hop hitmaker Goldlink for a remix of Let’s Go. For a voice as commercially palatable as Khalid’s, it’s hard to imagine him not making clear strides towards Pop superstardom very soon. At first listen, this song is no exception to the classic ‘Poppy R&B song with a Hip-Hop feature’ rule but the mixture of Khalid’s already incredible voice and Goldlink’s unique flow makes for a Pop song that I can support. No stranger to a remix – please see Location remixes w/ Little Simz and w/ Kehlani & Lil Wayne – Khalid, at the tender age of just 19, has found a way to intrinsically merge a soulful voice, catchy beat and a Goldlink guest verse into something that serves one and all.

4. Sevdaliza – Hubris

Following in the trend of the other songs that appear before it, Sevdaliza is back with the first single off of her debut album ISON. ‘Hubris’ is not as expansive lyrically as we have come accustomed to expect from the Iranian-Dutch sultress, but is nonetheless as enchanting and engaging as any of her previous work. A hypnotic drum-looped beat and haunting vocals demonstrate exactly why she’s been compared to FKA Twigs, TDE’s SZA, ABRA and Kelela (to name a few). If ISON is anything link LP1 or Z, then we’re in for an interestingly brilliant ride.

5. Cherée – FOR ME

Not too much is known about 20 year old R&B singer Cherée, as of yet. With her Soundcloud only three songs deep, this is a woman clearly more interested in quality than quantity. On ‘FOR ME’ she sings about an unhealthy relationship and the consequences of such a toxic situation. Her authoritative vocals reverberate throughout, and tackle an all-to-familiar subject that many of us experience navigating our way through adult life – holding onto to a relationship knowing that it’s bad for you and the ramifications of staying with said person. Although a lot may not be known about her, I predict a bright future for the North West London songstress!

Bonus tings…

Inc. – 5 Days

A little throwback from 2013. I remember first listening to Inc. project No World when I was back in my third year of university and re-stumbled upon this track whilst my iTunes was on shuffle – an overdue reminder of exactly why I love Inc., No World and specifically 5 Days. Any song about love, lust or relationships are likely to resonate well with anyone, and 5 Days does exactly that. Not as obvious from the song title, the proof is definitely in the pudding of this song.

Erykah Badu – I Want You

A trip down memory lane wouldn’t be complete without visiting THE QUEEN – and not Lizzy – THE REAL QUEEN, Ms. Erykah Badu. By far one of my personal favourite artists of all time, Erykah has managed to transcend her music and evolve with with the times unlike many of her contemporaries. This song, itself, is just shy of 15 years old and still feels just as relevant and timeless as ever. It may be around 11 minutes long but perfectly demonstrates how to deliver a masterpiece in such a short time frame. Too long to be a commercially recognised single and way to well assembled to have been left off her her album, Worldwide Underground, I Want You is a expert expression of lust and love through the eyes of a woman who’s seen it all.


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