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Top 5, Top 5, Top 5… (Week 4) – LAFV | Love At First Vibe
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A look at our top 5 songs of the past week + a couple throwback extras, for your head top. Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Sevdaliza – Amandine Insensible

This song may be a couple years old, but it is so good the goddess, that is Sevdaliza, decided to include it on her debut album ISON. Amandine Insensible probably made the cut for ISON because is was such a stand out track on Children of Silk – her 2015 EP. Slow paced, melodic and almost hypnotic, Sevdaliza’s tone perfectly matches the synth and drum heavy production. The video is a appropriate fit for the concept of the song. Speaking to FACT Magazine, Sevdaliza explained that the video is a discourse into the concept of identity, in an ever changing world. She was featured on the list last week because of her offering Hubris, and we’ve followed up with Amandine Insensible as we think it deserves the same shine as the former.

2. Offset – Monday

Is there an act at the moment doing more than Migos? Me and my friends debate over who the best rapper in the collective is, and I always start and conclude with the same answer. Offset. Much like Quavo has in the past, Offset is always looking to increase his own personal catalogue, in addition to his work with Migos. Enter ‘Monday’. Coming in at just under three-minutes long, Offset rides this OG Parker and Deko produced short effortlessly. Adlibs and quotable bars are rife as ‘Monday’ keeps us ticking over as we patiently wait to see what Migos do next. For a group that not only has the US at their feet, but is responsible for back to back London dates with Lil Yachty, Offset has produced another song for the ‘turn up’ playlist!

3. Playboi Carti – Magnolia

After playing this song over 47909 times in the last month, we’ve decided to finally include this song on the Top 5. Very much in line with the now infamous Playboi Carti formula, ‘Magnolia’ is another PBC song to last the test of time. Before this, Talk had been my favourite Carti song – if you haven’t heard it check it out here – and Magnolia follows a similar pattern with a repetitive 808 heavy looped-beat and Carti’s stylised lazy flow. Charlamagne Tha God recently dressed down Lil Yachty on The Breakfast Club and proclaimed him as the poster child for ‘wack rappers’. Although, PBC isn’t as lyrical as some of his contemporaries (Joey Badass, Vince Staples, Chance, Vic Mensa etc.), he is far from wack. With his natural charisma, swagger and his excellent production choices it would be hard for me to categorise him as such, as he rarely under-delivers on any of his songs. His self-titled mixtape was a solid project and Magnolia is definitely a standout track from the 2o year old’s first official offering. It’s Carti’s almost magnetic confidence that enables him to call upon already established stars like ASAP Rocky and Lil Uzi Vert, for a collab, but Magnolia is a perfect example of what the Atlanta native is capable of when left to his own devices.

4. D.R.A.M – Gilligan feat. A$AP Rocky & Juicy J

If rumours are to be believed, ‘Gilligan’ is due to be the lead single off of D.R.A.M’s sophomore album. This Juicy J produced song is so catchy and infectious that I’ve almost rinsed it completely dry, but that’s not to say that Big Baby’s latest track will get old any time soon. The reason that artists and music fans are fans of D.R.A.M. is because his music never seems to be boring and is inherently energetic. Although this is cut is much trappier than we’ve become accustomed to expect from D.R.A.M., he doesn’t seem out of place with two rappers that have made a living out of using similarly produced anthems. If this is to be a sneak preview into what’s in store for the Broccoli rapper’s sophomore album, then he’s surely onto another winner. When the Queen (Erykah Badu) is giving you overwhelming praise, then we have to listen as she is seldom wrong and ‘Gilligan’ is just another reason to believe every word she said about the Virginia singer/rapper.

5. Wale – Dilemma (Fucking Tonight) feat. PnB Rock

A bit of a change in pace from the three tracks before it, ‘Dilemma’ is a vintage Wale RnB track. Enlisting the help of emerging RnB star PnB Rock, the two present us with a 2017 take on The Notorious B.I.G.’s Fucking You Tonight. Sometimes overlooked and overshadowed by slightly more polarising and commercially successful artists – Drake, Kendrick and Cole – Wale still deserves a place at the table of the new age of Hip-Hop. His versatility and lyrical capabilities are always a staple and the inclusion of PnB only adds to the songs slow pace, melodic hook and progressive production.

Bonus tings…

Taurean Roye – Prayer Mat

Lemme take you back to 2013. A year where hip-hop collectives were making their name across the pond, namely A$AP Mob and Black Hippy etc., a little known London clique were making waves of their own. Last Night in Paris. Although, at the beginning, there were an undefined number of members in the group Taurean has been there from the start and is still here now. Prayer Mat is the first song that I heard from him personally and I was instantly drawn into the what these guys were trying to make happen in the UK. A similar flow to his US peers, Taurean approaches this song with a coolness and bravado that seems authentic. And it’s exactly that, that has kept me listening to anything and everything he, and LNiP, releases. With similar themes and content to popular US artists like Drake, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller etc, but rapped in a UK accent with UK idioms, Prayer Mat is definitely worth a listen should you be a fan of UK and/or US Hip-Hop. Taurean finds a way to seamlessly blend the two styles together without losing any credibility. With reference to sex, drugs and emotions, TR is very much from the Drake school of rappers.

Rick Ross – Amsterdam

A likkle further back for my next throwback, but Amsterdam is still as palatable now as it was when I first heard it. Off of one of Ross’ best projects, ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’, Amsterdam is easily the coolest and most serine track on the album. As far as Ross songs go, this is a great example of his lyricism and craftsmanship. With an epic bass and sax heavy, almost cinematic, feel Amsterdam pays homage to the place and everything that comes with it *shifty eyes*. The video itself has very little to do with Amsterdam and serves more as an insight into the luxurious life of Renzel but as with all of Ricky Ross’ music, his presence can be felt with every bar delivered. This Cardiak produced centre-piece, to one of his most critically acclaimed projects, is definitely worth throwing back (and rolling and smoking a fat *shify eyes* to).


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