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A look at our top 5 latest songs of the past week plus a couple of extras because 5 wasn’t enough with the volume of this week’s releases. Let us know what you think in the comments. Soundcloud playlist available.

1. XXXTentacion – I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore

Before you think that this guy just shouts and makes angry music, think again. This is is SMOOTH R&B and echoes Spooky Black and early Weeknd with that cloud type production. This bangs – short but sweet, where are the rest of these songs?! The Florida native released his mixtape ‘Revenge’ this week and we’d highly recommend giving it at least one spin, obviously ‘Look At Me’ remains the stand out.

2. Travis Scott – Butterfly Effect

Following up last weekend’s fiasco, where he was arrested in Houston for citing a riot at his concert, Travis Scott decided to celebrate being back on streets Monday night by dropping three new tracks on his soundcloud page.  Have a listen Murda Beatz produced ‘Butterfly Effect’ above which is our pick of the three. If you want to hear all three have a listen here.

3. Mount Kimbie ft. Micachu – Marilyn

Mount Kimbie’s latest release ‘Marilyn’, featuring Micachu, fully reveals not just their new aspirations but the new figures influencing Mount Kimbie’s universe. The song is watery and noisy allowing a viscous synths, clicking drums, and whirling ambient noise to rule its direction. This is lo-fi meets Crooks and Lovers.

4. Beach House – Chariot

Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House have revealed plans to release an album of B-Sides and leftover tracks from Depression Cherry and Thank Your Lucky Stars recording sessions. ‘Chariot’ is one of two previously unaired songs that will feature on the 11-track record, inevitably eery and consistently dreamy, have a listen below.

5. ABRA ft. Stickz Greenz – Play

Tooting (London) born ABRA (the Dark Wave Duchess) dropped a new track this week, ‘Play’ featuring Stickz Greenz. It’s been about six years since the The Atlanta singer and producer begin uploading covers to YouTube. Currently signed to Awful Records, ABRA delivers a smooth R&B track for the summer. ABRA’s sound is typified by a heavy bass line and pleasantly reminiscent of 90s R&B summer loops, have a listen below.

Bonus tings

Vince Staples – Big Fish

The newest offering from Vince’s upcoming album, ‘Big Fish’, is a meditation on rap’s transformative properties. Unlike “BagBak,” which considered rap’s impact on the wider world through racial profiling, gentrification, and class warfare, ‘Big Fish’ engages with rap as a mechanism to escape poverty, the video is in usual fashion creative and offers a lucid offering to Staples’ take on current affairs in America. This guy is underrated big time.

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