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Yutes talk down, then they get ran…

Insert the lyrics of ‘No Long Talk’ to the opening scene of Season 3 of the UK’s Top Boy.

Since 2007 when Comeback Season, Drake’s second mixtape was launched (and possibly before), Drake has always been on his ‘Craig David shit, the Artful Dodger.. Shola Ama’. Go listen to ‘Closer’ for those of y’all that don’t know. It must be noted though that Drake’s affinity with the UK pre-dates More Life, where he notably adopts London based various UK based slang.

Take your ting from gyalchester and tell her to stop running back to her ex cos he’s wasteman

The long and the short of the tale is, Drake’s love of the gangland drama Top Boy is no secret. After being dropped by Channel 4 in 2014, 6God aka Heartbreak Drake stepped in and purchased the rights to show. We are also hearing, according to a recent interview by the Mirror, with the show’s lead character Ashley Walters, that Drizzy will be featuring in the show…. [WATCH THIS SPACE]

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