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Man doesn’t do go to the beach often, but this song makes me feel like I am on a beach, life’s beach to be precise – which is strange because when this dropped back in 2013, I was probably in my most instinctive and decisive state. Now, stuck between the sea or the sand, I landed back in Vondelpark. ‘Quest’ is a standout track for me and reverts back to fabled period of indie R&B, falling somewhere between the tones James Blake, the psychedelic waves of Tame Impala and the authenticity of Spooky Black. If you haven’t already, go and check out Seabed. Seabed is a luscious album that implores you to dive into the gorgeous depths of its sound and atmosphere. It’s the kind of album into which you drift deeper into as it progresses, but it also allows you to wander into your own thoughts while staying entirely engaged in what’s going on in the music.

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