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Standout tracks: ‘Ryd’,  ‘Some’ and ‘C U Girl’

If you like: Frank Ocean, (early) D’Angelo, Pharrell Williams and The Internet

At just the tender age of 18 with a production credit list already boasting the likes of Isaiah Rashad, The Internet (of course), RnB duo Big Sean and Jhené Aiko (TWENTY88), GoldLink, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, big tings are expected of Steve Lacy. We repeat this guy is still a teenager. Now 18 and out of high school, Lacy looks set to ride his talent all the way to the top. A young kid with an old soul making timeless-sounding music on a device that’s built to last 12 months (his iPhone)—that’s natural talent right there.

Lacy first caught our attention on ‘C U Girl’ in January 2016, admittedly his Soundcloud had been buzzing for a year or so beforehand but this track is particularly meaningful. 2 minutes and 10 seconds in length, Lacy bemoans young love finding support from a simple kick drum bassline, this hypnotic love ballad chronicles his dilemma of wanting to see an old flame before hitting the road to go on tour. This was a sign of things to come as he would go on to join The Internet and play a pivotal role in the band’s first commercial success by co-producing their most clinical project to date ‘Ego Death’.

Like a neo-RnB Wu-Tang Clan, each member of the group has now released solo material which may feature on a collective tour. Following projects by Syd and Matt Martians, “Steve Lacy’s Demo” was released 24 February 2017. The most obvious comparison is Frank Ocean, with both crooners hailing from California and with foundations in the enigmatic alternative hip hop collective Odd Future, you can see why.

On his first solo project, Lacy chops up live drums into loops that mirror an authentic hip hop sound. The guitar riffs are special and immaculate, but too brief at times with no track exceeding 3 minutes in length. With lead and bass interposing one other, Lacy’s vocals are often perfectly timed. The funky arrangements of each track are highly impressive when you consider the fact that much of the production was put together on Apple’s Garageband software. This work is nu wave R&B meets funk with a jazzy pop undertone, extremely refreshing and promising.

For us, a particular highlight is “Ryd,” with a catalogue of sexual innuendos using his car as his vehicle in more than one, Lacy seeks to seduce his gyali, “speeding down the backstreet,” Lacy serenades under falsetto harmonies, “I’m tryna get you in my backseat.” The use of his guitar on this track is impeccable with the beat lending itself to warm summer’s evening drive (you’ll need a drop top, or just put all of your windows down and ask her to close her eyes). This track bangs, go and listen. Also, check out our playlist section for all Steve Lacy produced tracks.

We are expecting big things from Lacy in the coming months, definitely an artist to watch out for.


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